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Shanghai Sunrise Environmental Technology Co.Ltd.

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We are a high-tech enterprise based in Beijing, serving the whole country, and committed to improving the ecological environment through technological innovation. Through the establishment of four major business systems of “technical consultation, environmental governance, environmental monitoring, and equipment supply”, we provide customers with “integrated solutions for agricultural resources and environment”, and technologies and products are widely used in livestock and poultry manure, straw, sludge, food Harmless treatment and resource utilization of kitchen waste, garden waste and other wastes.

The technology and equipment are suitable for the harmless treatment and resource utilization of organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure, straw, sludge, kitchen waste, garden waste, etc. “Solutions”, carry out cooperation projects such as livestock and poultry manure planting and breeding projects, agricultural non-point source pollution control projects, etc., to help the agricultural industry cope with carbon neutrality. Our main machine consist of  membrane compost machine,Multi function fertilizer spreader, Cattle mattress material regeneration system ect. 

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Frequently Asked Questions And Requirements Of Customers

At present, we have done many government projects in China, which can be tested remotely and displayed to customers.

Quite simply, a membrane cover is more favourable and more flexible than concrete. The on-demand controlled and optimised aeration needs a minimum of power and energy which can be compared with a good hair blower.

Our technology lies between an open windrow composting and the enclosed technology including the advantages of both systems. It is similar to the open heap composting, which means simple and flexible, however, it offers the same controlled conditions for decomposition by the membrane cover like a complex invessel plant. In some countries the system got a permission/licence as an enclosed plant.

A series of technical details of this composting system contribute to efficient reduction of emissions. The central point of the entire conception is the semipermeable membrane, the finest pores of which act as a barrier for big molecules like odorants or bio-aerosols. Furthermore the odorants condensate at the inside of the membrane fabric, drop back into the compost heap and are there decomposed by micro-organisms. Several studies underline the comparability of the reduction in bio-aerosols and odours compared with enclosed compost plants.



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