A Little Knowledge About Laminating and Stacking machine

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Composting is a natural process that turns organic waste, such as leaves and food scraps, into a fertilizer that may improve the soil and grow more healthy plants. Composting merely expedites the decomposition process by creating the perfect habitat for bacteria, fungi, and other decomposing creatures (such as worms, sowbugs, and nematodes) to carry out their functions. Everything that develops ultimately decomposes. Compost is the term used to describe the final decomposed material, which frequently resembles fertile garden soil. Compost, affectionately known by farmers as black gold, is nutrient-rich and beneficial in agriculture, horticulture, and gardening. Laminating and stacking machines are some of the many machines used in composting on an industrial basis. We’ll talk about stacking and laminating machines in this article.

We (Sunrise) are a professional and leading environmental protection firm focusing on innovative research, development, and industrialization promotion of environmental protection equipment. Our flagship product among others is a laminating and stacking machine. Its model number is CAC- Y4200.

CY-4200 Laminating and Stacking Machine is the first patented product in China that integrates the functions of film rolling, crushing, stacking, and laminating. The whole machine can completely turn forward, turn backward, and turn and is controlled and driven by one person. The spinning cutter shaft hanging under the frame turns, crushes, fluffs, and shapes the raw materials of the stack as the driver rides straddled on the pre-stacked trough-shaped stack.

After turning over and throwing new groove-shaped stack is formed. It can be carried out in the open field or the workshop.


Its batch processing capacity is 3800 m3/h. It can run for 15 minutes (within operation hours). Its related power is 260kw. The machine has a footprint that measures 7350mm x 4650mm x 4770mm. The reel length of this machine is 6470mm. Its stack turning height is 1600–1900mm, and its stack turning width is approximately 4220mm.

It performs the advanced types of fermentation. The combination of membrane mulching technology can maximize nutrients and reduce nitrogen loss, with a small infrastructure and less labor and energy consumption. It shortens the fermentation cycle and maximizes the retention of organic matter and nutrients in the manure. It is more suitable for the mechanism and process requirements of microbial fermentation of livestock and poultry manure into fertilizer. It can effectively mix viscous livestock and poultry manure with microbial preparations, straws, and other auxiliary materials to create a better aerobic environment for material fermentation.

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