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Shanghai Sunrise Environmental Technology Co.Ltd.


Improve ecology, benefit agriculture, and leave a better environment for the future


Become a green technology company that improves global agricultural resources and environment

Core Value

One heart and one mind, adults achieve self, professional and efficient, continuous improvement

Shanghai Sunrise Environmental Technology is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise focusing on innovative R&D and industrialization promotion of environmental protection equipment, agricultural environmental protection monitoring data platform and agricultural environmental governance solutions.

Our technology and equipment are suitable for the harmless treatment and resource utilization of organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure, straw, sludge, kitchen waste, garden waste, etc., and provide a regional agricultural environmental protection monitoring data platform to form “agricultural resources” “Environmentally Integrated Solutions”


intellectual Property Rights

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R & D Capabilities

Set up a R&D center to carry out R&D through independent innovation and other methods.

Teamwork Ability

Establish various cooperative relationships with national teams in the scientific research industry.

Management Capacity

Implemented in 20 provinces, 300+ projects, involving 10+ types of projects.

Strength Ability

50 intellectual property rights, 5 industry standards, 7 provincial and ministerial promotions.

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Why Choose Us

Leading Technology Research And Development Capabilities

The company has set up R&D centers, test demonstration bases, and exhibition halls for scientific and technological achievements. Through independent innovation, industry-university-research cooperation, etc., the company carries out technology research and development, equipment upgrades and industrialization promotion. Obtained a number of provincial and ministerial technical main pushes.

Excellent Market Brand Strength

Through independent innovation, industry-university-research cooperation and other means to carry out technology research and development, equipment upgrade and industrialization promotion, accumulated a number of intellectual property rights

Strong Industry Partner

Zhongnong Chuangda has always aimed at industry development bottlenecks and environmental protection technical problems, and has established various types of cooperative relations with national scientific research teams and institutions in scientific research.



Market Brand Strength