Guide to Self-propelled stacking machine

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Composting is significant in the industrialized world since it reduces the volume of organic waste disposed of in landfills. It not only saves landfill space but also decreases the quantity of methane(a potent greenhouse gas) formed when organic waste decomposes in landfills. Compost is a natural fertilizer that can also enhance the soil’s fertility and texture. It helps to minimize water and air pollution by reducing the amount of chemical fertilizers and pesticides used in agricultural activities. Also, it promotes healthy living and supports local communities. For better and faster outcomes, large-scale composting requires a lot of machinery. A self-Propelled Composting Machine is one of the pieces of equipment used in composting. The self-propelled machine is the focus of this article.

What is Self-Propelled Composting Machine?

In composting, a self-propelled stacking machine has the ability to move around a site and stack materials in a certain spot. Large volumes of organic waste, including food scraps or trash, are often moved and stacked with this equipment in a compost pile. To transport and stack the material, the machine can use a variety of tools, including a conveyor belt or a grabber. Because it is self-propelled, it can be moved and stacked effectively without the aid of a vehicle.

We (Sunrise) are a professional and leading environmental protection firm focusing on innovative research, development, and industrialization promotion of environmental protection equipment. Our flagship product among others is a self-propelled stacking machine. Its model number is F-2400.

Features of Sunrise Machine

Our Self-propelled stacking machine is powered by a 55-63KW vertical water-cooled diesel engine. It is designed with high efficiency and low fuel consumption in mind. It features small-radius steering proprietary technology and a hydraulic power balance device, which allows for large but flexible steering and easy maneuverability in field operations. The machine can be operated by a joystick and is simple and flexible. It has a batch treatment amount of 500-800m³/h and its footprint size is 2600×3300×2800mm.

It is specially designed for the ground strip stacking fermentation production process. It is used to mix, crush, supply oxygen, and pile up materials in a composting facility.

Self-propelled stacking machines are widely employed in commercial composting projects, such as large agricultural operations or municipal waste composting facilities. Small-scale activities like gardens or farms can also use these. Large volumes of organic material can be managed and processed more effectively with the assistance of these machines.

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