Know all about Multifunctional Fertiliser Spreader

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A fertiliser spreader is one of the agricultural equipment which people use to apply even, aerated coats of fertiliser to lawns, beds, and fields. The fertiliser spreader comes in the form of a tractor attachment. They are readily available through agriculture suppliers. Sunrise enterprise developed a Multifunctional Fertiliser spreader. Buying our fertiliser spreader is an excellent choice.

Sunrise is a high-tech environmental protection enterprise that focuses on innovation research in environmental protection equipment, agricultural environmental protection monitoring data platforms, and agricultural environmental governance solutions. Machines developed at Sunrise are highly appropriate for harmless treatment.

We are a leading manufacturer of compost machines and membrane compost series products. Our Multifunctional Fertiliser Spreader is one of the most amazing machines. Its batch treatment amount is 8m³. Its model is 2FGH-08.

How does it work?

A chamber on top of the device holds the fertiliser while the spreader is pushed or dragged across an area. As it moves, the fertiliser shakes down and out through small holes at the bottom. This provides an even coat with aeration, as the fertiliser is tossed while it is spread. The coverage tends to be narrow and multiple passes may be needed to apply enough fertiliser to a given area. This is suitable for all kinds of fertilisers whether they are solid or liquid.

Features of Sunrise’s multifunctional fertiliser spreader

Below are the main features of our fertiliser spreader:

  • Strong spreading ability

 It is suitable for all kinds of dry and wet manure, and can also be fully broken and evenly spread for sticky wet manure, frozen manure and sludge with high moisture content.

  • Long service life

It is equipped with a mining conveyor chain, reducer rollers, gears and boxes that inherit European advanced technology and production technology. And the material selection meets EN European standards.                                                                          

Adapt to more types of fertilisers

 It has Ten-speed speed regulation of the fertiliser conveying system to meet the requirements of different fertiliser application rates in the soil.

How to maintain it?

As with all agricultural equipment, the fertiliser spreader works best when it is well maintained. One should keep moving parts clean and oiled to prevent snags. When not in use, storing out of the elements is advisable, and at the very least, the fertiliser spreader should be covered so rain and sun don’t damage the parts.

Why choose Sunrise?

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