Cow Mattress Regeneration System CBT-60

CBT-60 cow mattress material regeneration system is to dehydrate the cow manure and then recycle it.
Advanced equipment for high-temperature aerobic fermentation to produce cattle mattress material, which has a safe method
It has the characteristics of convenience and low cost, and at the same time solves the treatment and utilization of part of the manure in the cattle farm.
Difficult questions that meet the characteristics of the actual needs of the dairy farm.
The equipment is based on the principle of ultra-dry dehydration and aerobic fermentation, which can be maintained for 6-12 hours
High temperature of 55-75℃, the sterilization rate of manure reaches 99%, and the moisture content is less than 50%.
Meet the requirements for use as cattle mattress material. At the same time, optional power distribution heating quickly rises
Warm system and biogas hot air auxiliary drying system to improve litter production efficiency.